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Lindor and Carrasco...
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Lindor and Carrasco Traded to Mets

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Indians get 2 SS/MIF, Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez, and 2 prospects, 20.2 yr old RHP Josh Wolf and 19.2 yr old CF Isaiah Greene, 2nd rd picks in '19 and '20, respectively. 

New York Mets acquire Francisco Lindor, Carlos Carrasco from Cleveland Indians in blockbuster deal (

Rosario is a FA in '24, and Giminez in '26.  Neither Rosario nor Gimenez have exhibited much power in their careers.  And Rosario hasn't shown much plate discipline.  Rosario achieved a WAR of 2.7 in '19, but Giminez had the better year in '19.

Wolf was just ranked the Mets 8th best prospect by BP, and Greene the 9th.  Wolf is given a FV of 55, and projected as a 3/4 SP or RP.  He is mid-sized, throws mid-90s, and has 2 projectible plus pitches, a FB and CB. 

Greene was ranked 9th with a FV of 50 and BP says that Greene may have a higher ceiling than Pete Crowe-Armstrong, selected 19th overall in the same draft, but he has a riskier profile with less of a track record of hitting.  His swing is described as whippy with a long follow through, and inefficient.  But, he has some feel for the barrel.  He has plus speed, projected to be an above-average defender, but has a fringe-average arm.

Keep in mind, as discussed in a prior posting, that BP seems to give a higher FV for players than sites like Fangraphs.

2021 Prospects: New York Mets Top 10 Prospects - Baseball ProspectusBaseball Prospectus

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Here is an initial view of the trade by one of Fangraphs' writers.  He's underwhelmed with the Indians' package.  He also sees the possibility that Rosario and Gimenez may make up the Indians' starting MIFs this season.

New York Mets to Acquire Francisco Lindor, Carlos Carrasco | FanGraphs Baseball

This is just my first blush, but Lindor has underwhelmed and under produced for the Indians the last couple of years, and we've learned to be disappointed with him in high leverage situations.  His overall offensive statistics in '19 were the worst in his career, below replacement.  He could reverse this trend, of course, but would have to learn how to handle the pressure of hitting with 2-strikes and with runners in scoring position.

The bottom line, for me, is that I don't think his bat will be that hard to replace, or at least the lineup won't be hurt significantly.  I expect the Indians to make other trades this offseason.  As Eric Longenhagen noted in his Top Prospects write-up for the Indians, he observed that the team is facing a roster crunch next offseason.  This portends that the Indians will be looking to trade some of these Rule-5-eligible players for major league, or near-major-league players, as they have tended to do in the last couple of years.  Longenhagen listed the Cardinals, Angels, and Giants as possible trade partners.  Now, Longenhagen appears to have assumed that these teams might be involved in trading for Lindor.  Obviously, that won't be the case.  But, that doesn't mean they won't be involved when it comes to taking some of the Indians future Rule 5 players off their hands as the Indians try to strengthen their major league roster.

Top 46 Prospects: Cleveland Baseball Team | FanGraphs Baseball

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Not going to say I was happy with the trade return for Lindor/ Carrasco (I'm not) but I am happy with the following:

a) the trade is done & I no longer have to hear/ read the constant flow of BS rumors that Lindor can/ should get the Tribe XY & Z from this team or that.

b) considering the team needs that remain, I have the suspicion that another move or two could take place 

c) it appears that payroll was cut much more than anticipated (at this point); could that mean there is a possibility to bring on some payroll to bouy the overall level to closer to $50M???

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