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Rubberducks 2021

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IndiansPro released the names of 22 people who are being assigned to Akron. Akron will have a roster size limit of 28 this year so likely there will be more names added. So I've got those names and some speculation here:

SP: Garza, Hillman, Mota, McCarty, ???

I'm assuming that the last spot here will go to Cantillo, currently at the alternate site. There are a number of missing guys not announced by IndiansPro or at the alt site that could be candidates as well. Raymond Burgos and Carlos Vargas being the most notable two, prospect-wise. Zach Draper and Cody Morris would also seem to fit the bill age and experience wise, but could also just be cut candidates or relievers. Hillman and Mota are the most interesting to watch here. Hillman is on his last season before minor league free agency but has looked good in spring training. Mota is probably the highest ceiling prospect here unless Cantillo or someone else from the alt site comes up

RP: Alvarez, S. Arias, Clemmer, Lingos, Miednick, Pinto, Teaney, ???, ????

I'm expecting a 9 man bullpen eventually, bringing total pitchers to 14, which is half the roster max size. That means there's two open spots here but there's nobody at the alt site that looks obvious. And it seems strange that they would be assigned if they were healthy in Arizona and not being cut. Draper/Morris might be good candidates, Brady Aiken would possibly be joining here at some point. I mentioned a few names that are missing in the Columbus thread (Scott, Morgan, and Moss as starters - Stephens, Krauth, and Hill as relievers), and they could either show up there and send some folks down here 

C: Bo Naylor, Josh Rollette, Mike Rivera*

I'm assuming Rivera is sent here from the alternate site. Naylor will obviously see most of the playing time. Angel Lopez is also somewhat appropriate for this level, and has not been listed anywhere.

IF: Fermin, Freeman, M. Gonzalez, Palacios, Arias*, ????

They announced only 4 names which obviously seems suspect. Arias being the youngest seems like the safest bet to move down from the alt site. Palacios, who has hit the crap out of the ball in both major and minor league spring training, will reportedly see time at 1B but aside from him it's not clear who will man the position with Mitch Reeves released. Some unassigned candidates for infield jobs include: Miguel Jerez (1B/OF), Luke Wakamatsu, and Dillon Persinger, but all could also just be cut candidates as well. 

OF: Benson, T. Brooks, O. Gonzalez, Kwan, Roller

This seems like a pretty well filled out group. I expect Benson, Swan, and Gonzalez to be the regulars, with Brooks and Roller as more utility pieces. There are some interesting names not assigned anywhere, the biggest one probably being Hosea Nelson. Clark Scolamiero and Cody Farhat are also two guys who were at full time affiliates in 2019 that haven't been assigned anywhere. They might be cut candidates.