2022 Cleveland Guardians Prospect Rankings

Every season, Guardians Baseball Insider ranks the top prospects in the organization and writes up full scouting reports on each of these top prospects. In order to better give you the ability to view this semi-yearly updated ranking, we’ve created a chart for you to sort through and see each player.

If you have an Insider subscription, you can click on the player to view the full scouting report. All readers can check the board for rankings, grades and other prospect info. You can become a Subscriber here for just $4.99 a month to see those full reports

(Here is a free primer on our methodology for our rankings)

Overall grades on the 20-80 scouting scale where 20 is an organizational player, 45 is fringe average, 50 is average, 55 is above average and and 80 is elite.

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  1. Don’t get why Oscar Gonzalez is so low. I understand the so/bb ratio is no good, but he hits wherever he goes.

    • Doesnt add value defensively and the approach is unlikely to translate at the major league level to have similar success that he’s had in the minors.

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