This is unfortunate news to deliver and a difficult sentence to write, but as of January 1, 2023, Guardians Baseball Insider (formerly Indians Prospect/Baseball Insider) will cease to be active. As of today, we won’t be taking any new subscriptions and subscriptions will be canceled as of 1/1/23, so if you are a subscriber, you won’t be charged for renewal. 

We have survived many platform changes over the years, from independent to Scout, to 247Sports, and back to being independent thanks to your support. While we have survived the change in platforms, the truth is, it is difficult to replace people and create more time in the day.

Shifting priorities and time commitment to the site have made it difficult to maintain the level of quality and consistency that has always been the hallmark of this site. Those changes have made it more difficult to produce the content you’re used to reading on this site and truly get what you’re paying for or spending your time reading. 

This decision was made with difficult deliberation. 

From a personal perspective, it is much too difficult to replace contributors and friends that have departed or taken steps back from the site. The other aspect of this is that the recruiting, training, editing, and posting the content of others, and continuing with my own writing has become too much for my schedule and has often left me feeling drained and burned out trying to keep up with my own expectations of my writing and the site. 

As others have taken steps back, I am making a similar decision. I want to return to primarily focusing on my own writing in lieu of the other duties I’ve had that have prevented me from focusing on just that. It would be unfair to ask anyone else to dedicate the time and energy it takes to handle those duties without the proper compensation.

I never did this for the money. Managing and writing for this site has never been my full-time, despite the time commitment becoming a second job. I have always done this for my own enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment for others. It has kept me involved in the sports writing industry after I decided to leave it full-time almost seven years ago. I am grateful to Tony Lastoria and Jake Dungan for bringing me aboard in 2018 and trusting me to continue what they had built here. 

I feel a sense of disappointment and letting Tony, the remaining staff, and readers down by having the site end on my watch. Many people put a lot of hours and effort into this site over the year. The site has always had loyal readers, subscribers, and supporters that pre-date my involvement here, and to those people, thank you, and I am sorry this is the end of that.

Personally, I plan to continue writing for myself at a new home at the start of the new year, and I hope you’ll join me there ( I continue to cover the Cleveland Guardians farm system, producing a lot of the same content there that you have been used to here. Much of it will be my own writing, on my own schedule so I can focus on quality and not quantity, and do so when I have the time to write. You may see some familiar names pop up on the new site as contributors, as I have invited some friends to stick with me if they have time. 

The Guardians of the Future podcast will also continue, although the frequency and format of that will likely undergo some changes as well. But I have no plans to give that up nor covering the Guardians minor league system as a whole. 

Thank you to all of the site staff, past and present, and the people that have supported this site over the years, from the beginning until now.

Stay well, and see you somewhere, I hope. 


  1. Thank you for so much great content over the years. I learned a lot and really appreciated it. Good luck and see ya when we see ya 🙂

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