Columbus Clippers 11, St. Paul Saints 7

It was a gorgeous night at Huntington Park as the Columbus Clippers (22-12) continued their home series playing the St.Paul Saints (15-17). While it was Friday the 13th, the Clippers didn’t get bad luck when it came to their performance, winning their fourth straight game 11-7. Columbus took a quick lead in the first inning, as they added three runs of their own, and four runs in the second. On the other hand, pitcher Adam Scott did not have a success on the mound in the third inning , resulting in Columbus being put in jeopardy. With three walks, a triple, and a homer, the Saints played catch-up to score five runs. Cole Sturgeon for the Saints scored a two-run double, making the teams knotted at seven apiece. This is the third time the Clippers have allowed more than five runs in an inning in the season. To break the tie, Columbus got help with a few homers extending their lead later in the game. 

Tolman Off to a Big Start

Stepping onto the field, Mitch Tolman drove in the tie-breaking run with his homer in the seventh inning. He knocked it out of the park on a fly ball to right field, allowing David Fry to score, upping their lead 9-7. 

Tolman, a native of Irvine, CA, had a three-hit game that night and was successful. He reached base all three times at bat. Tolman has five two-hit games and a pair of three-hit games this season. In his 2022 season, this marked his fourth homer. Tolman has a .312 average for 2022.  

Tolman made crucial plays earlier in the bottom of the second inning. He doubled on a flyball to left field, allowing Trenton Brooks to score. The Clippers took a chance as David Fry attempted to make it home, but catcher David Banuelos got Fry out. Tolman was not afraid to get hit by the ball either in the first inning taking a fastball pitch from Jordan Balazovic. 

David Fry Locked-In

With good season numbers, David Fry’s overall performance has been a crucial factor in the Clippers success. After Will Benson started the game off with a homer in the first inning, David Fry hit an RBI double. Thanks to his double that went down the line and into the leftfield corner, Tyler Freeman and Oscar Gonzalez scored to help Columbus’ startout with a 3-0 lead. This marked Fry’s 19th RBI over 11 games. 

Fry has been hitting exceptionally well. Overall, his batting average stands at .250 for the 2022 season. 

Fry is otherwise known as a contact hitter, and this game was a three-hit day for Fry. Heading into the second inning, after his RBI double, he singles on a ground ball to left fielder Elliot Soto and Trenton Brooks headed to second base. This helped set up for Brooks to score from the following hit, Tolman’s RBI double. 

Fry was drafted in 2018 by the Milwaukee Brewers as a seventh round pick, and 215th overall. Originally from Colleyville, TX, the 26 year-old has 16 runs, 25 hits, and six homers this season. 

Oscar Gonzalez has been an essential member of the team in the game as well. In the bottom of the second inning, he hit a homerun on a line drive to left center field. This drove in three runs for Columbus as Will Benson, Tyler Freeman, and Gonzalez scored. 

The Clippers continue to finish out their home series with St.Paul throughout the weekend. Their next game is on Saturday, set for 7:05 p.m. as Columbus shoots their shot for a fifth win in a row. 

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