The Clippers stayed a step ahead of the St. Paul Saints on Thursday, reeling off their third straight win, 7-4, playing as the Veleros de Columbusas part of MiLB’s Copa de la Diversión program.

Columbus put runs on the board first in the second inning, David Fry continued on his recent hot streak, notching an RBI double, which allowed Alex Call to score. Richie Palacios joined in on the action with a line drive single to left field. Mike Rivera scored on the single. 

St. Paul tied the game in the fifth inning, as Ernie Yake grounded into a force out. Yake made it to first, Kevin Merell to second, and Caleb Hamilton scored. Elliott Soto drove in the tying run with a line drive single and an RBI double to tie the game 3-3. 

Myers’ first win of the season

Tobias Myers (W, 1-3) was a big component in the Clippers’ success in the game, while reaching a personal goal of his own, earning his first win of the season and pitching his best game of the season. Myers pitched six innings, only allowing four hits, and struck out two back-to-back batters. 

“Tobias, you know, he’s been struggling just a little bit. I think he pitched great. He had very strong strikes, wasn’t afraid to get hit, things like that. The offense was pretty good too,” Mike Rivera explained.

A Native of Winter Haven, Florida, Myers was drafted in 2016 by the Baltimore Orioles as a sixth round pick (181st overall), Myers stayed consistent with his pitching throughout the game. 

Clippers’ on a roll

The Clippers took a more significant lead throughout the rest of the game. Oscar Gonzalez hit a triple and hit an RBI double on a line drive to right field. 

Yu Chang hit one all the way to the wall with yet another RBI double for the Clippers, and Richie Palacios scored. 

When Palacios stepped to the plate, he singled on a ground ball to the left fielder. Will Benson scored the sixth run of the night. 

“We always answer back just anytime that they put up, they put up a free spot that we came back with an answer and that just kept us ahead,” Benson explained. 

 “I’m so blessed that I really get to come out here and play with the best team in the league. Suit up and just help my team win in any way that day.” 

Benson had some lucky plays in this game. He hit a pop-up to right field in the bottom of the eighth, miscommunication between the St.Paul’s defense led to an error, and Benson attempted to steal second. 

To end the Clippers scoring streak, Tyler Freeman singled on a line drive allowing  Rivera to score, being the seventh run of the night. The Clippers are currently holding the second place spot in the International League West standings, right under Nashville. 

The Clippers will attempt to extend their winning streak to four games as they take on St.Paul Friday  at 7:05 p.m in Huntington Park.

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