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The 2022 MLB Draft (July 17-19) will be here before we know it. It is another opportunity for the Guardians to add to an already deep system.

This piece is the second of two parts identifying Cleveland Guardians’ “type” prospects (more below for identifiers) for the upcoming 2022 MLB Draft. 

Since this piece focuses on pitchers let’s first identify some of the traits Cleveland appears to emphasize in the draft.

Here are a few common traits:

  1. Young for the class
  2. High-level performer (Example: SEC, PG, USA)
  3. Above-average control
  4. Above-average strikeout rate
  5. Three or more pitches
  6. Pitch-ability
  7. Clean delivery
  8. Bloodlines
  9. Cold-weather

Here are several players that fit the outlined criteria:

Hunter Barco – LHSP Florida

The Gators lefty has excellent control, with a nice slider and a low-to-mid 90’s heater. He’s performed well against top competition in the SEC and could go off the board in the 10-25 range in July if he’s healthy after reports of elbow soreness earlier this week.

Brandon Barriera – LHSP American Heritage HS, FL

Small frame, an athletic lefty with big-time stuff. His fastball has reportedly clocked 99mph this spring.

Noah Schultz – LHSP Oswego HS, IL

The 6’9 lefty gets comps to for Tribe lefty Andrew Miller because of his devastating slider. He sits low-to-mid 90s with good control.

Jackson Ferris – LHSP IMG Academy

Sits low-to-mid 90s with his fastball, touching 97. He has a strong three-pitch mix with a lean frame he could add more weight and strength which could positively impact his velo.

Walter Ford – RHSP Pace HS, FL

One of the youngest players in the draft class. He has been a two-way player in high school. His heater sits low-to-mid 90s with reports of 98.

Blade Tidwell – RHSP Tennessee

Started the season late due to injury. His fastball sits in the mid-90s and touches 99 mph. 

Cooper Hjerpe – LHSP Oregon State

Gives some Logan T. Allen vibes with his low slot. Low-to-mid 90s heat. Improved control.

Jonathan Cannon – RHSP Georgia

Low-to-mid 90s fastball with a crossfire delivery. He’s added a cutter to his (now) four-pitch mix with excellent control. Arm soreness could drop him depending on the outcome.

Bryce Hubbart – LHSP Florida State

Funky and nasty at times. His fastball sits low-90s occasionally popping 96. It’s a four-pitch mix with the newest weapon in the arsenal his slider.

Parker Messick – LHSP Florida State

Strike throwing lefty with funk like his teammate. Punch out worthy changeup. Fastball sits low 90s. Shorter, thick frame 6’0, 220).

Landon Sims – RHP Mississippi State

He was a lights-out closer converted to a starting role. Tommy John ended his season abruptly. Durability and third pitch concerns. Mid-to-upper 90s heat with a filthy slider.

Conner Prielipp – LHSP Alabama

May 2021 TJ surgery has slowed his ascent to the top of the draft class. That’s where he could have landed with excellent control and stuff on the mound when healthy. There’s speculation he could join a summer league to show he’s healthy before the draft.

Peyton Pallette – RHSP Arkansas

He’s a smaller framed righty that underwent TJ surgery. He has a nice three-pitch mix featured by a plus curveball when healthy.

Henry Williams – RHSP Duke

Another TJ arm he had second-round projections pre-injury.

Marcus Johnson – RHSP Duke

Lean classic starter frame at 6’6, 200. Good control of his three-pitch mix.

Drew Thorpe – RHSP Cal Poly

An over-the-top delivery with quality stuff and good control.

Thomas Harrington – RHSP Campbell

Lanky framed righty sits low 90s reports of 96 mph. Four pitch mix with a two-plane break on his curve and slider. Good control.

Justin Campbell – RHSP Oklahoma State

Tall (6’7) righty with a low-to-mid 90s heater. He has an over-the-top delivery with good control and a nasty curve.

Others: Kumar Rocker- RHSP No School; Luis Ramirez- RHSP Long Beach State; Brycen Mautz- LHSP San Diego; Nate Savino- LHSP Virginia; Devereaux Harrison- RHSP Long Beach State; Sebastian Keane- RHSP Northeastern; Cam Schlittler- RHSP Northeastern; Jake Bennett- LHSP Oklahoma; Pete Hansen- LHSP Texas

This will be updated and expanded before the draft.

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