We are just 90 days away from the 2022 MLB Draft. That being said, coverage of the 2022 MLB Draft class will begin to ramp up in the coming weeks. 

The 2022 MLB Draft will take place in Los Angeles from Sunday, July 17th through Tuesday, July 19th. Check out MLB Network and MLB.com for coverage and times of the event.

Draft pools have not been announced, but will be in the coming weeks. Michael Conforto is the lone remaining free agent with draft pick penalty/compensation tied to him. 

The Cleveland Guardians will select 16th overall in round one, the highest the organization has selected since 2016 when the club drafted Georgia prep outfielder Will Benson. In 2021, the Miami Marlins selected North Carolina prep shortstop Khalil Watson with the same selection. The talented young middle infielder received a signing bonus north of $4 million. The assigned pool allotment for this selection projects to be between $3.75 million and $4 million. 

Whoever is drafted with this selection could receive the highest signing bonus Cleveland has ever paid, in large part due to the fact the club has been selecting in the back half of round one. In recent years Bo Naylor’s signing bonus north of $2.8 million has been the largest. The highest signing bonus in recent memory (for this writer) was Francisco Lindor’s $2.9 million in 2011. This said, (purely speculative at this point) whoever is selected with the 16th overall selection could be one of the most talented prospects to enter the organization via the MLB Draft since Lindor.

The organization will receive a Competitive Balance Round A selection following round one falling somewhere between the 35th and 40th selection. As of this writing, that selection projects as the 35th pick, but that could change as MLB assigns compensation for free-agent losses. The club’s second-round selection should fall around the 55th to 60th overall pick, with the team’s third-round selection falling into the 90th to 95th overall selections. This will give the Guardians four draft picks in the top 100 picks in a draft that is highly regarded for its overall depth.

Cleveland currently projects to have their largest overall draft ever, projecting to land somewhere in the $9.75 million to $10 million range. Thanks to their highest first-round selection in recent years and the added CBA selection boosting the draft pool, the organization will have a great opportunity to add talent to an already highly regarded system with 21 (projected) selections in the 2022 MLB Draft.

Here’s a rundown of our planned coverage for the 2022 draft class:

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Plus additional bonus coverage as the opportunity presents itself.

Draft fans continue to check back regularly for coverage as our content ramps up with the 2022 Draft quickly approaching.

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