#43 Jose Fermin, INF

AgeAcquired2021 Level:HeightWeightBats/Throws
222015 International Free AgentDouble-A Akron5’11200Right/Right

2021 stats


Jose Fermin 2022 scouting report and grades

HitPowerRunDefenseArmOverallRiskMLB ETARoster Status
503055505040Moderate2023R5 Eligible 2022

Build & Background

Fermin is a smaller framed, compact infielder. He’s physically maxed out likely but has an athletic build that should hold up should he maintain it. He doesn’t have a projectable body but it works for a slighter sized infielder. Cleveland signed Fermin in 2015 as an international free agent, so he’s been around the system a little while now. He’s also bi-lingual.

What Fermin does well

By now the book on Fermin is out. He makes contact at an exceptional rate and is very hard to strike out. Before Steven Kwan’s emergence in 2021, Fermin was the hardest player in the organization to strikeout not named Ramirez. He is selective at the plate and can draw a walk in addition to making contact at a high rate. In addition to his batting eye and bat control, Fermin is an above average runner and can handle second base, shortstop and third base defensively.

Where Fermin needs to improve

The only real lacking part of Fermin’s game is his power. While he has been able to rack up some doubles and triples and his seven homers in 2021 were a career high, he doesn’t offer much in the way of power. It’s possible he could develop into a little more but he’s mostly a line drive, gap and singles hitter. He’s mostly got just an average arm that would be better suited for second and short, but it can handle third.


Fermin is a high energy, versatile player well liked by his teammates and is bi-lingural. All of those traits go a long way for a players makeup, especially in a utility type and maybe even a future potential coach.


It’s hard to see where Fermin fits in the future with Cleveland. There are a lot of infield prospects in the system, all who have higher priority and ceilings than Fermin. He played third base last year for the most part and he could do that again in 2022, but he’ll probably continue to play around the infield behind other prospects. His future is as a utility infielder who can provide a good at bat and solid glove. There’s a chance a team could be finally interested in Fermin in the Rule 5 draft and his shot at a major league role looks like it might be best in another organization.

Role: 40 – utility infielder

2021 rank: #30 2020: #17

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