#48 Dayan Frias, SS/3B

AgeAcquired2021 Level:HeightWeightBats/Throws
192018 International Free AgentACL Indians5’7140Switch/Right

2021 stats


Dayan Frias 2022 scouting report and grades

HitPowerRunDefenseArmOverallRiskMLB ETARoster Status
454050455040Moderate2025R5 Eligible 2022

Build & Background

Frias was signed as a 16 year old out of Columbia and is still small, but has developed quite a bit of power despite his size. He played in the Dominican Summer League in 2019, the made massive improvements before joining the ACL Indians in 2021.

What Frias does well

From the start, Frias has had an excellent eye at the plate, using a high walk rate in the DSL to stand out among his classmates despite a poor bat. Last year, he continued that high walk rate while adding significant power with eight more doubles and four more homers in a similar number of games played. As he matures, he should be expected to continue in this direction rather than going back towards the speedy middle infielder he started as.

Where Frias needs to improve

Nearly the opposite of the rest of his international signing class, Frias has issues both defensively and on the bases. He was particularly rough at third and may need to find a more feasible permanent position that doesn’t require as much range or a strong arm. Second base would make the most sense, but while playing almost exclusively there in 2019, he played just four games at the position in 2021.


Almost certainly Frias’ official height and weight stats are greatly inaccurate already as they came from his age 17 season, but it’s impossible to know where he’ll end up as far as size is concerned. This could ultimately impact both his defensive position and his offensive profile.


Frias was definitely a breakout performer for Cleveland in 2021, so it’s difficult to make any solid predictions, but things are looking positive. He should play his first full season of minor league ball in 2022 with the Hillcats where we will learn a lot more about his ultimate ability at the plate. He definitely has talent, but whether that projects to AAA utility infielder or Major League starter is yet to be discerned.

Role 40 – Utility Infielder

2021 rank: Unranked

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