After the 2021 season, here are our rankings for the best fastball in the Cleveland Indians system as ranked by our three prospect evaluators, Justin Lada, Willie Hood and Joe Coblitz.

Best fastball isn’t as straight forward the best velocity. There are other ways to measure, such as spin rate, which is especially important for fastballs as a straight and low spin fastball is very easy to hit, no matter what velocity. Command and movement also matter.

The votes here are pretty simple. We voted for three players and awarded three points for first place, two for second, and one for third and then tallied the votes to find out the winner. So here’s our 2021 best fastball in the Cleveland system…

Justin Lada best fastball

1 RHP Daniel Espino
2RHP Gavin Williams
3RHP Cody Morris

Joe Coblitz best fastball

1RH P Daniel Espino
2RHP Cody Morris
3RHP Juan Mota

Willie Hood best fastball

1Daniel Espino
2Gavin Williams
3Cody Morris

2021 best fastball in Cleveland system – RHP Daniel Espino

PlayerVote Total
RHP Daniel Espino9
RHP Gavin Willaims6
RHP Cody Morris2
RHP Juan Mota

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