Richie Palacios (LF): 2-5, 1 R, 1 2B. 1 RBI, K – Palacios continues to dominate the AFL. Richie’s .323/.432/.645 slash line puts him 14th in the Autumnal Circuit in OPS, 22nd in batting average, 28th in on-base percentage, and 11th in slugging percentage. That’s on the first page on the AFL site stats page (top 25) in everything but OBP, and he’s close there. Unsurprisingly, given his .322 ISO, he is also high on the extra-base hit and RBI lists (tied for second in doubles with four, tied for sixth in home runs with two, and tied for ninth in RBI with seven). On top of all that, he;s doing all that with an even 5:5 K:BB ratio and success in his lone stolen base attempt so far. As we have seen far too often, including this season, the Fall League is where a prospect’s flaws get revealed by the crucible of superior competition. Palacios, however, is shining like solid gold in the proverbial furnace.

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