With the restructuring of the entirety of minor league baseball, one level that remained largely unchanged was the Dominican Summer League. While teams above the rookie level have strict roster restrictions, both the Arizona Complex League and DSL teams are not held to those restrictions. In addition, franchises are allowed to have multiple DSL teams, so this season the Indians have moved on from their co-op team with the Brewers that has been active since 2017. Instead, they will rebrand as Indians Red and Indians Blue, having two full teams within the franchise for the first time since 2005 (they actually had three DSL teams from 2002 to 2003).

The increase in roster size was absolutely necessary as there are not only the hold overs from 2019, but every international signing since then with very few exceptions (Luis Durango, Jose Pastrano, Elmer Candalerio, etc). This means that there will not only be a ton of Indians players in the Dominican Republic, but that there will be a ton of new players. Included on the two rosters are 18 players listed as being signed in 2021 (no players are attributed to 2020) and 40 from the class of 2019.

DSL Indians Blue

The Blue team is a bit more of a known entity as it includes players who saw some success in the DSL already like David Flores, Albert Breton and Jose Baez (the brother of Jose Ramirez). A strange addition to this roster is Roberto Hernandez, who was signed in 2017 out of Cuba, played one season where he was named an All-Star (2018), then got homesick and returned to Cuba. There, he played with the national team and there he remains. If he were to return to the US, he would be obliged to play for Cleveland, but that is unlikely at this moment, so he is listed as a restricted player. The full roster as of opening day is as follows:

POSNameYear SignedCountry
RHPLuis Almonte2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPDahan Batista2019 Int FAColombia
RHPAlbert Breton2018 Int FADominican Republic
RHPJose Contreras2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPRobert Cruz2018 Int FADominican Republic
RHPOlmandi Diaz2019 Int FADominican Republic
LHPDavid Flores2017 Int FAVenezuela
RHPFrederic Garcia2018 Int FADominican Republic
RHPVictor Garcia2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPRoberto Hernandez2017 Int FACuba
LHPFrank Lopez2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPDanny Medina2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPDiego Navarro2019 Int FAVenezuela
LHPKenny Pinto2019 Int FAPanama
RHPBienvenido Polanco2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPChristian Sosa2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPJavier Tovar2019 Int FAVenezuela
RHPDielmon Urena2019 Int FADominican Republic
CNelson Aranguren2019 Int FAVenezuela
CDavid Leon2021 Int FAVenezuela
CManuel Mejias2021 Int FAVenezuela
3BJose Baez2018 Int FADominican Republic
SSJuan Benjamin2019 Int FADominican Republic
SSMaick Collado2019 Int FADominican Republic
SSAngel Contreras2019 Int FAColombia
SSAngel Genao2021 Int FADominican Republic
SSReyden Hidalgo2021 Int FAVenezuela
SSMiguel Lopez2021 Int FADominican Republic
SSJesus Montilla2021 Int FAVenezuela
SSLuis Perez2021 Int FAVenezuela
SSRichard Polanco2021 Int FADominican Republic
OFErick Caripa2019 Int FAVenezuela
OFAdonis Cepeda2021 Int FADominican Republic
OFChristopher Espinola2021 Int FADominican Republic
OFJuan Rodriguez2019 Int FAVenezuela
OFLexer Saduy2019 Int FAVenezuela
OFErickson Sarita2019 Int FADominican Republic

DSL Indians Red

It may be hard to believe, but this squad is even younger than team Red. There are very few pitchers with even a single professional inning, a list than includes Luis Peguero, Jose Ruviera and Filipito Santos, and no hitters with any pro experience. In the past, the Indians/Brewers team was unofficially the junior squad to the full Indians team and it appears that Indians Red will now fill that roll. Players can move freely between the two teams based on need or injury, but I would not expect many of these players to jump straight to the ACL. Here is the opening day roster for team Red:

POSNameYear SignedCountry
RHPAustin Aldeano2021 Int FAPanama
RHPPedro Almanzar2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPAbel Brito2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPBryant Capellan2019 Int FADominican Republic
LHPAlexandro Castro2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPMiguel Cordones2018 Int FADominican Republic
RHPJansel Cuevas2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPLogan Franco2018 Int FADominican Republic
RHPLuis Garcia2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPYonaiker Garcia2018 Int FAVenezuela
RHPYorman Gomez2019 Int FAVenezuela
RHPLuis Peguero2017 Int FADominican Republic
LHPFelix Polanco2018 Int FADominican Republic
RHPElian Quezada2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPJose Ruviera2018 Int FADominican Republic
RHPFelipito Santos2019 Int FADominican Republic
RHPAdauri Vicente2018 Int FADominican Republic
CWilmer Hernandez2019 Int FADominican Republic
CRobert Lopez2021 Int FAVenezuela
CEmilio Taveras2019 Int FADominican Republic
SSFran Alduey2021 Int FADominican Republic
SSLerwin Andrade2021 Int FAVenezuela
SSJunior Caminero2019 Int FADominican Republic
SSOscar Cedeno2019 Int FAVenezuela
SSJhoan Gomez2019 Int FAVenezuela
SSEmerson Purroy2021 Int FAVenezuela
SSKevin Rivas2019 Int FAVenezuela
SSYefri Rivera2021 Int FADominican Republic
OFMaikol Flores2019 Int FAVenezuela
OFEsteban Gonzalez2019 Int FAVenezuela
OFCarlos Gutierrez2021 Int FAVenezuela
OFAngel Mendoza2019 Int FAVenezuela
OFSamuel Parra2019 Int FAVenezuela
OFRonald Pena2021 Int FADominican Republic
OFSimon Rodriguez2019 Int FAVenezuela

You may note that every single infielder (except Jose Baez) is listed at short stop, but this is largely due to the best athletes playing short as amateurs and it may take some time for the two teams to sort out which players will play which position. In the outfield, similarly, nearly all players that aren’t listed officially as OF are listed as CF.

Throughout the season, Indians Baseball Insider will be providing weekly updates on Saturdays, starting July 17th. These will alternate between the teams, starting with Blue in week one and Red in week two, etc. The schedule starts today (July 12) with Red playing the Cubs Blue and Blue playing the Athletics at 10:30 AM EST. The season runs through October 2 due to the month long delay to start the season.

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