On Friday, June 25th at 7 PM ET, ProspectsLive.com will commence its mock 2021 MLB Draft. The draft will be live-streamed via YouTube. This mock draft is a unique collaboration of prospect writers representing each of their respective sites. IBI prospect writer Willie Hood will make Cleveland’s selections and IBI’s Editor-in-Chief, serving as an advisor. You can follow Willie and Justin on Twitter: @WillHoo99 and @JL_Baseball.

Prospects Live’s YouTube Channel where you can watch this live at 7 p.m. Friday June 25

Here’s a link to the 2020 draft that we participated in last year.

The Setup:

The mock will consist of two rounds, including Competitive Balance Round A. With a few minutes between each pick (no firm timeline per pick), club representatives will have an opportunity to discuss their selections. Bonus pool money will not apply, and their respective representatives will determine each team’s draft philosophy.

Draft Philosophy:

Cleveland has drafted prep players in each of the last five years with their first selection. The Tribe keys in on the athletic middle of the diamond performers and pitchers with advanced pitch-ability. The organization seems to prefer are; athleticism, cold-weather players, “famous” performers, advanced bats with hitting-ability, and young for the class players/pitchers. Look for these trends to continue in 2021. 

Current Scouting Director Scott Barnsby took over in 2019 and helped produce two talented draft classes (2019-2020). His focus seemed to be prep bats, particularly the middle of the diamond talent and college arms with advanced feel. 

With prior organizational outcomes (weighing heavily) in mind, selections for this mock draft will be made based upon the convergence of the best player available for Cleveland and what the tandem of representatives feel is the best pick based upon prior history.

The mock picks:

  • Round 1, pick 23
  • Round 2, pick 58

Recent Picks:

  • 2020 Round 1 (23) Carson Tucker
  • 2020 Competitive Balance Round A (36) Tanner Burns
  • 2019 Round 1 (24) Daniel Espino
  • 2018 Round 1 (29) Noah “Bo” Naylor
  • 2018 Compensation selection (35) Ethan Hankins
  • 2018 Competitive Balance Round A (41) Lenny Torres Jr.
  • 2017 Round 2 (64) Quentin Holmes 
  • 2016 Round 1 (14) Will Benson

Noteworthy 2021 Draft Prospects:

  • Chase Petty- RHP
  • Andrew Painter- RHP
  • Joe Mack- C
  • Peyton Stovall-SS/2B
  • Carson Williams- SS
  • Will Bednar- RHSP
  • Cody Schrier- SS
  • Edwin Arroyo- SS
  • Noah Miller- SS
  • Davis Diaz- SS/C
  • Gage Jump- LHSP
  • Nick McLain- CF

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