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LHSP Ryan Webb

Age: 22.1
Height: 6’1; Weight: 202
Throws: Left

Notes: Webb was a fourth-year college arm with only one season as a full-time starter. Some teams may question his durability because of a 2019 elbow injury (soreness). Stuff-wise, he has a low-90’s fastball, which touches 95 mph on occasion. He has a plus-looking curveball and slider that isn’t far behind. The least of his four-pitch mix is a usable changeup. He should have a solid floor as a possible backend starter or quick-moving reliever. Webb had back of the first-round hype before the injury but is now facing a 12-18 month recovery from TJ surgery. The former Bulldogs lefty could still get popped in round two or three as teams look for some savings.

Projection: Rounds 2-4

RHSP Ben Kudrna
Blue Valley Southwest HS, KS

Age: 18.5
Height: 6’3; Weight: 195
Throws: Right

Notes: The Kansas native shows a low-to-mid 90’s heater that has reportedly ticked up to 96. He possesses a long, lean projectable athletic frame with the potential to add more strength as he matures. His slider oozes potential to be a plus pitch (but isn’t there yet), and his changeup looks above-average. Kudrna shows the ability to locate his pitches and could improve as he grows stronger. An LSU commit, he could require a significant bonus to forego his college selection.

Projection: Round 2-4 has the potential to slip into the back of round 1 or Comp A.

RHSP Michael McGreevy

Age: 21
Height: 6’4; Weight: 215
Throws: Right

Notes: There’s nothing sexy about McGreevy’s repertoire that makes the righty standout. But, he does with plus control and the ability to hit the corners. In terms of stuff, McGreevy has a low-to-mid 90’s heater that touches 97 mph occasionally. The best of his secondaries is an above-average slider followed by an average curveball and changeup. The right-hander could go toward the back half of round 1 but seems like a solid round 2 arm.

Projection: Round 2-4, there’s back of round 1 hype.

CF Lonnie White Jr.
Malvern Prep, PA

Age: 18.6
Height: 6’3; Weight: 212
Bats: Right; Throws: Right

Notes: A Penn State commit to playing football and baseball, White will likely require a handsome sum to sign. He’s a gifted athlete with blazing speed for his size. The Keystone State native has a strong arm suitable for right field paired with speed to stick in center field long term. At the dish, White remains somewhat a work in progress with raw plus power potential. He’s a strong athletic player that could continue to develop. White seems likely to go over slot somewhere in round two or three.

Projection: Round 2-4

RHSP Gavin Williams
East Carolina

Age: 21.9
Height: 6’6; Weight: 238
Throws: Right

Notes: When it comes to stuff, Williams belongs in the back of round 1, but significant injury history and his age drop his value. He’s made some mechanical changes which have resulted in improved control. The Pirates right-hander has a mid-to-upper 90’s fastball that’s been up to 101 in the past. His curveball and change-up could both be above-average pitches, with his slider lagging. Displaying average and improving control, the firm built righty should move through the minors quickly if he continues to stay healthy.

Projection: Round 2-4. Probable round 2 arm.

RHSP Tommy Mace

Age: 22.6
Height: 6’6; Weight: 230
Throws: Right

Notes: The Florida Gators’ right-hander sits around the mid-90’s and was reportedly up to the upper 90’s this offseason. Mace displays above-average control of all four pitches, with all three secondaries (curve, slider, and changeup) all average pitches. He isn’t a strikeout pitcher but has the fastball, repertoire, and control to get them. He’s a mature pitcher with minimal upside, but he should move quickly towards the show.

Projection: Round 2-4, he’s a possible late 1st rounder.

RHSP Jonathan Cannon

Age: 20.9
Height: 6’6; Weight: 216
Throws: Right

Notes: Almost 21, Cannon is a draft-eligible sophomore with mid 90’s heat on the mound that touches 96 mph. The right-handed Georgia native has a big lean frame with projection remaining. Cannon utilizes a crossfire delivery creating deception, pairing it with his ability to land strikes at a plus rate. His best secondary pitch is his sinking changeup, followed by his average curveball and slider. With plenty of college eligibility remaining, Cannon could benefit from an over-slot bonus to forego his remaining years.

Projection: Round 2-4. 

RHSP Chase Burns
Beech HS, TN

Age: 18.5
Height: 6’4; Weight: 225
Throws: Right

Notes: The University of Tennessee commit sits mid-to-upper 90’s with his fastball and occasionally touches 100 mph. His best pitch is a slider that has plus potential and sits in the mid-upper 80’s range. He has a curveball that is behind the slider and a developing changeup that will need continued refinement. Burns has a three-quarters delivery from a high slot giving him a natural downward plane, but his control remains fringe-average. He has the stuff of a high-level starter but will need to make continued control and stuff gains to reach it.

Projection: Round 2-4.

LHSP Andrew Abbott

Age: 22.1
Height: 6’; Weight: 175
Throws: Left

Notes: Abbott is a more undersized framed former reliever with a quality three-pitch mix. The lefty sits in the low-to-mid 90’s fastball and touches higher occasionally. A Virginia native, Abbott shows off a plus curveball and developing changeup. He’s competitive, athletic and he’s been durable through his career as a reliever. He will need to be built up as a starting pitcher if he remains in the starting rotation long-term. The left-hander has a solid ceiling/floor and could be drafted somewhere in the mid-second to the mid-third round.

Projection: Round 2-4

LHSP Robert Gasser

Age: 22.1
Height: 6’1; Weight: 190
Throws: Left

Notes: The soon-to-be former Cougars lefty sits in the low-90’s and runs his fastball up to 96. His slider sits in the low-80’s and has the potential to become a plus pitch. Gasser has an average changeup and curveball rounding out his four-pitch mix. He’s a strike-thrower with a simple, repeatable delivery. 

Projection: Round 2-4. Possible mid-second to mid-third round arm.

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