Quality of Opposition (QoO) numbers per Baseball Reference


Logan Webb (1st-5th innings): Giants 4th starter
Jake McGee (6th inning): MLB veteran in competition for Giants closer role
Tyler Rogers (7th inning): In competition for Giants closer role
Caleb Bargar (7th-8th inning): Triple-A reliever
Reyes Montoya (8th inning): MLB veteran in competition for Giants closer role
Matt Wisler (9th inning): MLB veteran in competition for Giants closer role


Bobby Bradley (DH): 1-4, 2 K – Bradley struck out twice, once against Webb and once against McGee. He had gone the last two games without a punchie and is 3-12 in the last four games he’s played. It still seems like an even competition. He singled against Wisler in the ninth, who has round a second chance as a reliever after a good 2020 with the Twins.

Jake Bauers (1B): 2-3, K – Bauers raised his OBP to .424 this spring and has reached base four times in the last two games. He struck out on a 3-2 count but was fooled badly on a changeup by Rogers.

Yu Chang (3B): 0-3, 2 K – Struck out against Webb twice and lined out against Rogers. Since his neck strain he’s cooled off considerably this spring, 0-7.

Tyler Freeman (SS): 0-3, 1 K – Freeman was called out on strikes against Webb and grounded out against him. He grounded out against Montoya.

Bradley Zimmer (CF): 0-3 – Grounded out against Webb twice and flew out against Bargar. Zimmer should be able to claim a share of CF with Oscar Mercado out of the way but he’s not had real impressive at bats, although he’s avoided strikeouts.

Ben Gamel (LF): 0-3 – He grounded out and reached on an error against Webb and lined out against McGee. The team has gotten him innings in all outfield spots and it was interesting to see him leadoff to get more at bats.

Owen Miller (2B): 0-3 – Miller flew out and struck out looking against Webb, who had a really good day and has had a tremendous camp for the Giants. Not many Clevelanders had any kind of good day with the bat against him.


George Valera (LF): 0-1 – Grounded out in the eighth against Montoya. Valera has mostly faced High-A pitching this spring but this at bat came against a veteran MLB reliever.

Will Benson (RF): 0-1, K – Benson struck out swinging against Wisler, who was a good reliever in 2020 for the Twins. He’s also faced mostly High-A competition.

Tyler Krieger (3B): 0-1, K – Struck out swinging against Wisler in the ninth.

Steven Kwan (CF): 0-1 – Kwan grounded out to end the game against Wisler He’s faced near between High-A and Double-A compeititon.

Richie Palacios (2B): No at bats

Brayan Rocchio (SS): No at bats

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