Terry Francona’s right hand man will be away from the Indians until further notice due to family reasons. 

Tribe bench coach Brad Mills, who was with Francona in Boston from 2004-09 as the bench coach and has been in the same role in Cleveland since 2012, has left the team’s summer camp to return home for family reasons. Mills departed on Saturday afternoon. 

Mills lost his grandson, Beau Mills, who died in an accident at the family’s home in February. He was just 18 months old. 

“I know in my heart that he made the right decision,” Francona told reporters Sunday morning. “If there’s ever a bittersweet moment, it was saying goodbye to him yesterday because I care about him enough that I know where he needs to be. But also, he’s been – I don’t know if it’s my left or right hand – but whichever one’s better, that’s the one he’s been. Every coach has a description by his name. Millsy, it didn’t matter that his (title) said ‘bench coach’ because he had so much responsibility with us. And that was because he deserved it.” 

Francona said that in Mills’ absence, the staff will collectively divvy up his responsibilities. He also reiterated that Mills’ departure has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic or a health matter.

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