June 16, 2012

The 2012 Lake County Captains struggled in the first half with what looked to be a very talented roster at the time. Of course a promising and talented roster in the minors doesn’t always translate to wins due to development.

On this day as the first half ended, the Captains in 2012 were not headed to the playoffs at this point but a five run second inning gave them an 11-2 win over the Dayton Dragons

Jerrud Sabourin drove in four runs while young SS prospect Francisco Lindor collected three hits and scored two runs. Luigi Rodriguez led off with two hits and drove in two runs as well.

Todd Hankins, who spent several years in the organization as a valuable utility player had two hits and two RBI.

While he didn’t get the win, Cody Anderson started the game and threw three shutout innings as the Indians began to limit his innings in his first pro year at this point.

Mason Radeke, who had an incredible 2012 and never did much after, pitched five innings and struck out four to get the win.

The first half 2012 Captains didn’t get things done, but with the second half came some key changes.


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