The Smoke Signals podcast returns to go through the latest on MLB and the MLBPA trying to work out details for a 2020 season, some thoughts on the players the Cleveland Indians recently released and some in depth thoughts on the upcoming MLB Draft

Race to the finish Guardians of the Future

On this episode of the Guardians of the Future podcast, Justin Lada and Willie Hood disucss The Guardians delivery of a knockout blow to the Minnesota Twins Cody Morris' future role The future catching tandem How to fit Will Brennan on to the roster Guardians Arizona Fall League 2022 participants Lake County Captains and Lynchburg Hillcats playing for championships. 
  1. Race to the finish
  2. Making the case
  3. Eyes have Hill(cats)
  4. Wake me up before September ends
  5. Who's the Captain now?

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