May 15, 2012

The Akron Aeros jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the games first three innings against the Erie SeaWolves on the way to an 8-1 win. The win put the Aeros at 23-13, also jumping out to a successful start to the season in which they would eventually win the Eastern League Championship.

A big part of the damage in this one was provided by OF Jared Goedert who had four hits and three RBI including two homers.

Tim Fedroff, Thomas Neal each added an RBI and Kyle Bellows added two. Goedert was originally a third basemen as a prospect but was playing third base, first base and outfield at this point.

TJ McFarland tossed seven shutout innings with three hits allowed. Mason Radeke, who had one impressive season as a starter, followed with two scoreless innings of relief in the win.

But the real name of interest in this one was Goedert for the four hits, but also because 2012 was a good season for him. He was in his age 27 season but something of a prospect in the past. But 2012 was a big season for him, between Akron and Columbus had an .875 OPS and 19 homers. The Indians were extremely desperate for outfielders at the end of the season, as they were playing guys like Vinny Rotino and they called up Thomas Neal.

They never called up Goedert despite the good season and the next year he signed with Pittsburgh’s system and played in Indianapolis but didn’t fare near as well. A year after that he played in Buffalo and at age 29 in 2014, he was out of affiliated baseball never gotten his chance after maybe earning it with a good 2012 season. Even though he was old for the minors at that point, he played well, the Indians were terrible in September and he had earned the callup for a cup of coffee. But it’s an opportunity he never got in his last big minor league season.


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